Chelmsford Guide - About Us Page

Hiya and here you are at our internet site, we are Steve & Gill and we set about putting together websites some yrs ago (approximately ten yrs ).

This website was formulated, employing an idea that we've already been working away at for a while now, it was actually quite a lot of fun to complete, infuriating occasionally, yet in the long run satisfying, bringing a great sensation of triumph & pride.

Easy to use web-sites are our objective, and web sites which do not discourage our visitors with all those troublesome pop-up boxes, constantly aiming to sell you something that you do not need.

Displaying great material on each article of the site is in fact our utmost target, but the both of us still have to earn an income as a way to always keep all of it running, so you may encounter a little bit of ads, could you please excuse us for this, we attempt to not stuff it down your throat.

If you have quite as much enjoyment from browsing the web-site as we experienced creating it, then we'll be content that we've done our goal properly.

Enjoy, Steve & Gill - September 2012.